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Bay Stone Pavers


The range of Bay Stone Pavers comes in a choice of five contemporary colours, with two distinctive and stylish patterns to choose from.

Our Ningaloo pattern is extremely popular as it has been moulded directly from natural limestone, to give it a stylish clean limestone look. In addition to our standard format pavers, Ningaloo is also now available in a random pattern, giving a unique stylish and casual look.

Our Argyle pattern has the look of natural slate and is very easy to maintain and keep clean.

To complement our selection of Pavers we have a comprehensive range of Borders & Bullnosing to put the finishing touch on your paved area or pool surround. Imagine the possibilities of your outdoor space!


Ningaloo | Standard Format
400x400x60mm suitable for driveways

Ningaloo | Random Format
A mix of different sized pavers
600 x 400, 400 x 400,
400 x 200, 200 x 200mm
40mm thick
Available in Beach or Ivory only
Argyle | Standard Format
400x400x60mm suitable for driveways

We also produce a range of Natural Stone, Wall Cladding, Pier & Wall Capping and Alfresco Benchtops to complement your paved areas and your outdoor lifestyle..

Please note: Colours as true as possible, we provide no guarantee of style or colour based on the content of this Website. Always check with us for the latest information and colours to be 100% certain of your choices. We are always happy to provide samples to aid in your design and choice, simply Contact Us for any enquiry you may have..

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